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Constrcution on islands and reefs by Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia in the Nansha Islands


In recent years, China’s land reclamation and deployment of defensive military facilities on the islands and reefs in the South China Sea, out of its concern for maintaining national sovereignty and security, have been hyped up by the Western media as a testimony of the alleged ―China threat‖. Thereafter, the United States and other extra regional countries have been intensifying their interference, especially military interference, in the South China Sea issue. Their intervention has further worsened the maritime security environment in China’s periphery.

In sharp contrast, the Western media turns a blind eye to the fact that Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia have occupied more than 40 islands and reefs in the Nansha Islands over the past four decades, and kept expanding land area, building facilities and deploying military capabilities on some of these islands. It is under such security threats that China has embarked on its construction activities. Although these countries have not invested in the construction as much as China has, the majority of islands and reefs with the most favorable natural conditions in the Nansha Islands fell into their hands, giving them a unique edge for garrison and construction.

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