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Tanzania Investment Environment Research



Through the PEST analysis of Tanzania's geographical, economic, political, social and related research on attracting foreign investment. This report summarizes opportunities that are suitable for Chinese corporate investors in Tanzania, and reminds relevant risks.


Chapter 1 Overview of investment environment

Chapter 2 Tanzania profile

Chapter 3 Investment and trade environment

3.1 Tanzania's geographical environment

3.1.1 Physical geography

3.1.2 Human geography

3.2 Tanzania's economic environment

3.2.1 Economic scale, growth rate and structure

3.2.2 Business costs

3.2.3 Foreign investment and trade

3.3 Political analysis

3.3.1 Current regime, administrative structure and party faction

3.3.2 Political stability and integrity

3.3.3 China's relationship with the Tanzania

3.4 Social and cultural factors

3.4.1 Population structure and growth trend

3.4.2 Nationalities and customs

3.4.3 Social development

3.4.4 China's relationship with the Tanzania people

Chapter 4 Commerce laws and regulations

4.1 Investment policies and regulations

4.1.1 Administrative authority

4.1.2 Accessible policies (encouragement, restrictions and other investment barriers)

4.1.3 Tax policy

4.1.4 Labor policy

4.1.5 Investment related processes and approval requirements

4.2 Foreign trade policies and regulations

4.2.1 Administrative authority

4.2.2 Management system

4.2.3 Tariff policy

Chapter 5 Conclusions and recommendations

5.1 Conclusions: Major investment opportunities and risks

5.2 Recommendations

Chapter 6 Reference

6.1 Website of major government departments of Tanzania

6.2 Major Chinese-funded enterprises and contact information in Tanzania

6.3 Institutions that can provide advice to Chinese companies investing in Tanzania


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