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Financial Risk Research in Emerging Countries


With the gradual tightening of US monetary policy, emerging market countries are being subjected to a new round of external shocks. And it will challenge external risk exposure, internal risk factors and anti-risk capacity of these emerging market countries. This report reviews the causes and evolution of the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Furthermore, the report constructs financial risk evaluation system and analyzes financial risks of eight major emerging market countries. The research shows that South Africa, Turkey, Russia face the greatest financial risks, and risk of China is relatively small.




Chapter 1 Review of Financial Risks: The Outbreak and Evolution of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997

Chapter 2 External environment changes and internal structural imbalances

Chapter 3 Current impact results and the resistance of emerging market countries

Chapter 4 Establishment of financial risk evaluation model for emerging market countries

Chapter 5 Overall ranking of financial risks in emerging market countries


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