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Annual report on international think-tanks'views on China's maritime affairs 2017


We have been publishing the “Report on international think-tanks’ views on China’s maritime affairs” on an annual basis since 2015. The series of annual reports have representative work by Grandview in the area of international public opinions. We developed a database of views on China’s maritime affairs by international think tanks based on which we do systematical studies of over a hundred international think tanks’ views on China’s maritime issues. To more effectively measure the attitude towards China suggested by each article,    Grandview brought forward the innovative idea of ‘Pro-China Index” against which work by think-tanks in different countries and different areas of studies are observed in real time and comparatively studies. This series of annual reports provides an objective explanation on and understanding of the situation in South China Sea (SCS) and puts forward advantageous SCS policy recommendations to the Chinese government. 


Preventing strategic misinterpretation between China and the U.S.: a critical reflection on the semantics of

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