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First Counselor of French Embassy in China Visits GVI


Grandview Institution 2024.06.22 07:30 Beijing



On June 21, 2024, Simond de Galbert, First Counselor, and Philippe Orenes, Political Counselor of the French Embassy in Beijing, visited the Grandview Institution (GVI), where they talked with the representatives of GVI about such topics as European strategic autonomy, China-EU relations, China-France relations, France's approach to the Ukrainian crisis, the ways for China and France to cooperate in the promotion of the world's peace and development after the election of the European Parliament.


Mao Jing, Director of the International Cooperation Department, Zhu Junwei, Director of the Center for American Studies, Shi Xianze, Deputy Director of the Center for European Studies, and Yang Xiaotong, Research Director of the International Cooperation Department of GVI participated in the meeting.