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Delegation from the US Mansfield Foundation Visits GVI’s Shanghai Center


 Grandview Institution 2024.06.25 09:56 Beijing


On June 19th, a delegation, led by Frank Jannuzi, President and CEO of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation, USA, visited GVI’s Shanghai Center.


The delegation, composed of American scholars engaged in Asian Studies, came to China with a view to improving the understanding between the United States and Asian countries. Among the delegates were Benjamin Goldberg, Senior Foreign Affairs Analyst of the U.S. Department of State; Kimberley Thomas, Assistant Professor of the Department of Geography and Urban Studies at Temple University; Trinh Duy Duc, data and statistics expert at Princeton University; Timothy Webster, professor at Western New England University; Kristin Vekasi, associate professor of political science at the School of Policy and International Affairs, University of Maine; Nhu Truong, a faculty member in the Department of Asian Languages, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Ivan Rasmussen,  associate professor of political science at New York University in Shanghai. Shen Dingli, senior researcher, Zhao Genrong, Vice President and Director of GVI’s Shanghai Center, and He An, Secretary General of GVI, participated in the exchange.