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German FES’s Asia-Pacific Foresight Expert Group Visits GVI


Grandview Institution 2024.06.26 10:51 Beijing



On June 25th, 2024, the Beijing Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, FES) of Germany, along with its Foresight Expert Group on International Politics in the Asia-Pacific Region visited GVI, where they held a discussion with the GVI’s experts and scholars on "China's Foreign Policy to the Neighboring Countries and Maritime Security". As the members of the Foresight Group came from various Asian countries, the discussed issues included China-India-Pakistan trilateral relations, the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, and the situation in the South China Sea and across the Taiwan Strait. Sergio Grassi, FES’s Chief Representative of its Beijing Office, and Ren Libo, President of GVI, co-chaired the meeting.


List of experts present:


Marc SAXER, Head of FES’s Asia Office

YANG Xiyu, Researcher, China Institute of International Studies

MOON Chung-In, Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University, ROK

OUYANG Wei, Deputy Director, Academic Committee of GVI

Pankaj SARAN, Senior Officer, Prime Minister's Office, India

LIU Xiaobo, Director, Center for Maritime Studies of GVI

YEO Lay Hwee, Director, European Union Center, Singapore

Dinna WISNU, Senior Policy Advisor, Government of Indonesia

YI Wushang, Researcher, Center for Maritime Studies of GVI

Laldinkima SAILO, Senior Program Manager, FES’s Asia Office