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GVI and Inter Mediate (UK) Hold a Seminar on China-EU Relations


On the afternoon of Aug 21, 2023, Feng Zhongping, Director of the Institute of European Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Ren Libo, President of GVI, Ouyang Wei, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of GVI, and Mao Jing, Director of Public Affairs of GVI held a seminar with Stephen Biegun, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, Jonathan Powell, CEO of Inter Mediate (London), an international crisis mediation organization, and its senior researcher Ameya Kilara, during which they had an in-depth discussion on China-US-EU trilateral relations, as well as on how to work together to resolve the Ukraine crisis.


The experts at the meeting were of the view that the concerted efforts of individual countries and people from all walks of life are needed to improve the relations between China and Europe, China and the United States, and to build more balanced China-US-EU trilateral relations. Although the global scenario is characterized by complex dynamic changes, cooperation and consultation remain an important way to promote peace and development. Pure support for any one side is not a shortcut to solving problems. Only through mutual respect and understanding, and through dialogues based on the concept of "harmony", can we promote the resolution of various international issues.


With regard to the Ukrainian crisis, the Chinese delegation believes that the establishment of a mechanism for promoting dialogues for peace is important for resolving the Russian-Ukrainian issue through peace talks. “China holds a very tolerant attitude on this issue, and welcomes the participation of any country to join hands in solving the Ukrainian crisis.” The foreign representatives agreed that lessons should be learned from the current situation and that international organizations should play a more active role as consultative platforms in current and future crucial issues.