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Sino-US Dialogue: Sino-US Relations and Globalization Trend from the Macro Perspective during the COVID-19 Epidemic



The China-U.S. relationship is the major focus of current international relations. The development of China-U.S. relations has enormous, if not decisive, impact on changes in the international situation. With the view that the coexistence of Sino-US competition and cooperation is an emerging reality, Grandview Institution sees promoting mutual understanding and confidence-building on major issues between the two sides through dialogue is of great significance to the future development of China-U.S. relations. To this end, Grandview Institution proposes a series of "Grandview Dialogue on China-U.S. Relations", with the participation of practitioners and scholars from government agencies, military, academia, enterprises, civil society, and other parties to share their views on this platform.

This is one of the enlightening episodes of a series of meetings. We hope that the guests can talk about the current challenges, opportunities, and direction of China-U.S. relations during the COVID-19 epidemic from a macro perspective, as well as any possible future impacts. Guests can choose any field of politics, economy, finance, education, military, etc. to elaborate on their views. Recognizing that China-U.S. relations have a significant place in international affairs, we also hope that the guests can take the discussion beyond China-U.S. relations and share their views on the future trend of globalization.

Guest Speakers

William H. Overholt, Senior Research Fellow at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Charles T. Fingar, Professor at Stanford University
Jing Huang, Chief Strategist and Vice Chairman of Academic Committee at Grandview Institution, Academic Dean of the National and Regional Academy of Beijing Language and Culture University
Dingli Shen, Professor at Center for American Studies, Fudan University

We will open a few attendees spots for this Webinar. If you are interested in this topic, please send us an email to event@grandviewcn.com with your company, occupation, and real name, before Beijing Time 20:00, 9 May. We will confirm your attendance and notify the webinar access via email afterward.