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German Defense Ministry Officials and GVI Experts Talk on Global Geopolitics and Security Policies


Grandview Institution 2024.03.20 21:19 Beijing


 On the morning of March 20, Beijing Office staff of the German Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), together with officials from the German Ministry of Defense and the German Embassy in Beijing, held a dialogue on the theme of "Global Geopolitics and Security Policies" with GVI’s experts and scholars. They also discussed the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the geopolitical changes it has brought about, and its impact on the global security landscape.


Participants in the dialogue include:

Jürgen SCHRÖDL (Brigadier General), Head of Political Division II, Ministry of Defense, Germany

Ouyang Wei, Deputy Director of Academic Committee, GVI 

Bernhard ALTERSBERGER (Brigadier General), Defense Attaché, Ministry of Defense, Germany

Shi Yinhong, member of the Academic Committee of GVI

Holger OSWALD (Colonel), Military Attaché of the German Embassy in China

Zhou Bo, contributing Expert, Center for Strategic and Security Studies, Tsinghua University

Matthias SCHMIDT (Captain), Military Attaché, Embassy of Germany in China

Liu Xiaobo, Director of the Center for Maritime Studies, GVI

Kristof TRIER (Lt. Col.), Military-Political Attaché for Russia, China and India, Ministry of Defense, Germany

Liu Ping, Director of the Center for Defense and Security Studies, GVI

Johann FUHRMANN, Chief Representative of KAS’s Beijing Representative Office