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New German Government's China Policy
and Options for Action


Grandview Institution and Rudolf Scharping Strategie Beratung Kommunikation AG (RSBK) are committed to conducting joint researches, exploring the direction of the Germany-China relationship under the new German Coalition government and offering constructive options for action.

This preliminary research report is contributed by RSBK, intending to clarify the prospects and potential of the development of Germany-China relationships. Grandview will hold constructive discussions with RSBK on the basis of this report, in an aim of establishing a deep, effective and stable strategic partnership and joining hands in making analyses and offering suggestions as well. Through these interactions, the two parties will actively explore and expand areas of cooperation of mutual interest, while not shying away from discrepancies and disagreements.

This report, with constant reference to the German Constitution (i.e., Basic Law), also provides an assessment of the new Coalition Agreement, Chancellor Scholz’s government statements, stance of the German economic community, statistics, analyses and literature from selected companies and institutions specialized on Sino-German and Sino-EU relations, basic and higher education policies and other relevant documents.

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