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Finding Firmer Ground: China-U.S. Joint Policy
Research Report



Before the U.S. presidential election in November 2020, the Grandview Institution and the Carter Center decided to conduct a joint policy research project on how to view the current tense situation in which China and the U.S. are on the verge of "decoupling," whether the future U.S. policy toward China will be significantly adjusted, and what the future direction of U.S.-China relations will be. After several rounds of dialogue between the research teams of both sides, the Chinese and American researchers have each written a research report on the analysis of relevant issues and policy recommendations, and the full reports "Finding Firmer Ground" have been published on the websites of the Grandview Institution and the Carter Center respectively. Hereby we compiled the reports from each side and express our sincere gratitude to the authors and experts from both sides who participated in the project.

The Grandview Institution is independent in agenda setting, finance, and professional recruitment. We hope that through this joint research project, we can strengthen the exchange and cooperation with the world's think tanks, and we also hope to learn from the experts and other famous think tanks.

We hope to share with you our research and look forward to receiving your comments after reading the report. Please send your feedback to our email address: info@grandviewcn.com. 

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