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Marine Strategies of Targeted Country Research



The report adopts a combination approach of quantitative and qualitative research, to create an indicator system and a quantitative monitoring model for national marine strategic trends. The report classifies the research object into traditional maritime countries, geopolitics pivot countries and ASEAN countries. The quantitative monitoring system captures dynamic information of targeted countries in specific period of time, and assigns them to the grading. Hence it could contribute to analyze marine strategies of targeted countries structurally in a certain period. The methodology and models created in this study can provide real-time monitoring and systematic analysis of marine strategic behavior data, and observe the concentration and activity of behaviors in various marine strategic branches in a certain period of time. The result is conducive to China's marine strategic decision-makers to cooperate, attack and defense upon to the country, time and situation.


Part I: Description of the research report

Part II: Summary of the research report

Part III: Qualitative research of targeted countries and regions

Part IV: Quantitative research of targeted countries and regions

Part V: Grading System description



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