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GVI Holds Online Dialogue with Finnish Think Tank CMI, Ukrainian Scholar




On the 25th of May, 2023, the Grandview Institution (GVI) held an online dialogue with the Martti-Ahtisaari Peace Foundation (CMI), and scholars from Ukraine. Together, the attendees discussed the current situation pertaining to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the attitudes of the people of Russia and Ukraine, China and the West, as well as possible ways of existing the conflict. The dialogue was attended by Denis Matveev, Senior Advisor of CMI, Ville Brummer, Head of the General Project, Oskari Eronen, Head of the Asia Project, Oleksandr Moskalets, Non-staff Advisor of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Ouyang Wei, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of GVI, and Shi Yinhong, Member of the Academic Committee. 

The participating experts said that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has lasted more than a year, and the prospect of the war is still uncertain. The negative effect the conflict has on the world economy will continue to grow, which is contrary to the interest of the vast majority of the international community, people of all countries hopes that this conflict will end as soon as possible. The international community should insist on promoting peace and dialogues, because negotiation and mediation is the only feasible way to resolve the conflict. However, the question of who should play the role of mediator has yet to be decided by all the parties attending the meeting.