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Commissioner for International Security Affairs Visits GVI



On the 18th of April, the Commissioner for International Security Affairs - Bernado Mariani visited the Grandview Institution, where he had a discussion with the President of the think tank - Ren Libo, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee - Ouyang Wei, Member of the Academic Committee - Zhao Hai and others regarding how to improve Sino-European relations, resolve the conflict in Ukraine and alleviate tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Mariani believes that because China, the various European countries, and Russia are located in different geopolitical environments, it is then inevitable that they have drastically different geopolitical concerns since they all perceive the question of what constitutes as an external threats differently. The primary concern then at the moment is how to keep channels of communication open, increase the number of mutual visits between senior policymakers, increase understanding and trust, make more mutually beneficial compromises, amidst the the problem of the different parties involved possessing different positions. For example, “If Europe can clarify their position on the Taiwan issue, and firmly commit to the One-China Principle, then it will be a good start to improve Sino-Euopean relations.”

“Currently, China is already considered to be a superpower, how China handles its domestic affairs and foreign policies will have a tremendous impact on the world.” Mariani continues by adding that, both China and the European Union could work under the framework of the Global Security Initiative proposed by China recently, and establish a mechanism which could be used to solve global security problems in the future.


Bernado Mariani is currently a researcher at the Peace and Conglict Resolution Evidence Platform at the University of Edinburgh. He was also the head of the China project for Saferworld, and has had many years of experience of research in human rights, conflict prevention, and arms control, as well as providing his consultancy service to businesses who wish to engage in business activities in regions prone to conflict, as well as conducting research on China’s participation in the United Nation’s peacekeeping operations.