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GVI Holds Internal Seminar on Taiwan Strait, Sino-American Competition



On the 14th of April, the Grandview Institution held an internal seminar titled, “Evaluating the Current Situation and Risks of the Taiwan Strait in the Backdrop of the Sino-American Competition”. Consequently, the GVI invited numerous prestigious scholars who have had extensive experience either researching Sino-American relations or the Taiwan Strait to discuss and examine the topic.


The former Secretary of the Party Leader of the Central Institute of Socialism and the First Deputy Dean - Yexiao Wen, the former deputy director of the Party History Research Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China - Zhang Baijia, and the Deputy Director of the Centre for American Studies at the Renmin University of China, all give a speech revolving around the key topics of the seminar. These aforementioned experts, along with other experts, also had comprehensive discussions revolving around the topic of Cross-Strait Relations.