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Sino-US Relations Dialogue Series: The Current Situation of Korean Peninsula and Sino-US Policy Towards Korean Peninsula


Under the background of the US policy review of DPRK just released by Biden administration, on the morning of May 25th,  Grandview Institution held a retreat under the framework of Dialogue Series on China-US relations, with the theme of “current situation on the Korean Peninsula and Sino-US policy on the Korean peninsula”.

The dialogue was presided over by Liu Yawei, China Program Director of Carter Center. Guests of the dialogue included Li Nan, Deputy Director of the Northeast Asia Study Center and senior research fellow of Grandview Institution, and Jessica Lee, senior research fellow of East Asia Program of Quincy Institute. Shen Shiwei, special research fellow of Grandview Institution, John Park, Director of Korea Program and lecturer of public policy, Kennedy School of Harvard University, Neysun Mahboubi, lecturer of Law School of University of Pennsylvania, and Robert Kapp, senior consultant of China Program at Carter Center also participated in the discussion.