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Founded in 2013, Grandview Institution has grown into one of the leading independent think tanks in China. In accordance with the China Think Tank Index (CTTI)’s Think Tank Report released in 2018, Grandview Institution was ranked 6th on the list of China’s Social Think Tanks Rating. CTTI is jointly developed by the Nanjing University and Guangming Daily. It was also ranked 70th on the list of Think Tanks with Policy Influence in the 2020 Global Think Tank Ranking organized by the University of Pennsylvania.

Grandview Institution adheres to the philosophy of “putting knowledge into practice, forging ahead steadily”. In line with this concept, it is committed to China’s security, stability and sustainable development, the dialogue between China and other countries as well as the peace and stability in the region and the world at large. While adopting the research guidelines of “objective, insightful, forward-looking and practical” based on comprehensive and accurate data, rigorous and profound analysis, authoritative and practical policy recommendations, Grandview Institution is devoted to providing research support for high-level decision-making of the government and enterprises. With an academic team of nearly 100 research fellows, its areas of study cover ocean strategy and security, Belt and Road opportunities and risks, comprehensive borderland governance and peripheral security, defense security and development, digital governance and development, as well as China-US relations, China-Japan relations, China-EU relations, China-India relations, Northeast Asia relations, etc., and have set up several study centers in these fields accordingly. Grandview Institution influences high-level decision-making through independent reports and other forms of information providing, and accepts research commissions on major strategic topics from relevant government decision-making bodies as well as several Chinese government departments such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

Grandview Institution also extends its research services to support the policy-making of local governments, conducting researches on provincial and municipal strategic positioning and development planning, and helping local policy-making and industrial development. With extensive international resources and rich experience in international cooperation, Grandview Institution has planned and organized a series of large-scale international conferences and smallscale international dialogues in Beijing and several localities, and strongly promoted international cooperation in the fields of the ocean studies, the Belt and Road area, and defense studies. Grandview Institution actively carries out multi-disciplinary and sustainable dialogues with globally renowned think tanks, and consolidates cooperative relationship through joint activities, joint studies and joint publication. Currently, Grandview Institution has established close cooperation with nearly 20 global think tanks, including the Carter Center, the Quincy Institute of National Affairs, the U.S. Naval War College, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the French Center for International Relations and Strategy, and the Sejong Institute of Korea.

Through organizing “China-US Relations Dialogue Series” “China-Europe Relations Dialogue Series”, “China-Japan Relations Dialogue Series”, “China-ROK Strategic Security Dialogue Series”, “China-India Relations Dialogue Series” “Digital Governance and Development Dialogue Series” and other dialogue series, Grandview Institution has established a regular and professional international dialogue and exchange platform.