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US Embassy Officials Visits GVI


On November 8, 2022, Charlie Davis, Political Counselor at the U.S. Embassy; Ray Sudweek, Political Affairs Officer U.S. Embassy Beijing, and Matt Yi, Second Secretary of the Political Office, visited Grandview Institution and discussed the Korean Peninsula issue with Ren Libo, President of Grandview Institution; Mao Jing, Director of Public Affairs of Grandview Institution; and Shi Cong Yi, Research Manager of Public Affairs of Grandview Institution.


The delegates from the U.S. embassy believes that the current tensions on the peninsula continue to rise and the growing inter-Korean confrontation has posed a threat to regional stability. China and the U.S. should manage the crisis in a timely manner to cool down the situation on the peninsula, at the same time, the two parties should have more dialogues in the security field. China believes that both China and the U.S. should abandon the Cold War mentality and be open and honest with each other.


Although China and the United States hold different views on how to solve the Korean Peninsula issue, both sides agree that the resolution of the Korean Peninsula issue ultimately requires dialogues. Both sides have expressed their desire not to witness tensions on the Korean peninsula rise again.