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GVI Ranks Sixth in 2018 CTTI Think Tank Index Report


2018 CTTI Think Tank Report was officially released in recent days and the Grandview Institution ranked 6th in the PAI value list of private think tanks. Over the years, CTTI Think Tanks Index Report  has been widely recognized by the industry for its authority and objectivity. In 2018 reports, CTTI launched PAI score system to evaluate think tank’s performance and influence. It scores product(P), activity(A) and media impact(I) by each think tank, and provide an objectively evaluation to Grandview Institution.



On December 22, 2018, the 2018 China Think Tank Governance and Theoretical Communication Forum’ was held in Nanjing. The 2018 CTTI Think Tank Index Report was released at the meeting,jointly completed by the China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center of Nanjing University and the Think Tank Research and Release Center of Guangming Daily. The report divided into three parts, including the 2018 CTTI Source Think Tank Development Report, CTTI University Think Tanks and Top 100 Report and 2017 CTTI-BPA Think Tank Best Practice Awards, comprehensively outlined the latest China's new type of think tank construction.

CTTI is also known as the ‘China Think Tank Index’, aims to comprehensively collect think tank information, and provide data collation, retrieval, analysis and application capabilities. Up to now, CTTI has included 706 institutes, 11,992 experts, 17,878 events, and 115,421 achievements. CTTI Plus system incorporates large volume think tank data, which can satisfy the different needs of think tank information retrieval.


Source from cttrec.nju.edu.cn

The think tanks in the report are reviewed and approved by the propaganda department of governments and the social science management institutions of universities, and checked by expert committees from China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center of Nanjing University and the Think Tank Research and Release Center of Guangming Daily. The demanding qualification examination guarantees the authority the evaluation report. Furthermore, in this year, research team identified five primary indicators named MRPAI, which are management structure(M), resources(R), products(P), activities(A) and media impact(I), and 24 more secondary indicators. In terms of collation, 2018 report introduces the ranking of PAI indicators specifically, each for 

•P (Products) Assessments indicators include internal reference reports, think tank- sponsored/run journals, officially published books, research reports, articles published on official media, academic paper, vertical and horizontal projects

A (Activities)

Assessments indicators include conferences and meetings, training, investigation and studies.

I (Network impact)

Assessments indicators include bilingual homepage, WAP website, Weibo and Wechat accounts, mobile app and email subscription service.

2018 CTTI Think Tanks Index Report evaluated historical data from 706 think tanks, and Grandview Institution ranked 6th in Top 15 Private Think Tanks according to PAI Value.


Source from cttrec.nju.edu.cn

For more information, please download Chinese version Brief Report  

2018CTTI来源智库报告(简版)from cttrec.nju.edu.cn.