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MA Xiaolin

Mr. Ma Xiaolin is now a Xixi Scholar, senior professor and director of Institute for Studies on the

Mediterranean Rim(ISMR) of Zhejiang International Studies University(ZISU). He is a famous

expert of international affairs and news commentator in different TV channels as well as a well known diplomatic columnist. He is also editor-in-chief and host of Ningxia satellite tv weekly talkshow《On One Belt & One Road》.

Ma also serves as executive director separately of the many think tanks such as: the China Foundation for International Studies, the Middle East Academy in China, the China Strategy Culture Promotion Association, the Asia-Africa Development & Exchange Association, China Public Diplomacy Association under FM. Sino-Israeli Global Network Leadership(SIGNAL), Kunming New Times Research Institute for the Protection of Overseas Interests(KAPOI).


Ma used to be a senior Xinhua correspondent in Kuwait, Gaza Strip and Iraq, as well as Editor-in-Chief of the Globe bi-weekly. Ma has been rewarded highly by Xinhua for his excellent reports during his career from1988 to 2005. He was professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University from Apr. 2015- Jun. 2019. He was joined in ZISU based in Hangzhou as the first Xixi Scholar of the university in Jun. 2019.


Ma was a speaker, of the following events: the 4th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Press and Scientific and Social Progress, Nov., 2004, Beijing; the International Forum "World Media and the Saudi Arabia", Dec. 2005, Dubai; Fortune Global Brainstorming Forum, Jun. 2006, Aspen, U.S.A; the Sino-Euro Dialogue for NPN, Dec. 2010, Beijing; the 11th International Counter Terrorism Summit, Sept. 2011, Israel; the Forth Conference of the Sino-Arab Friendship, Jan. 2012, Abu Dhabi; the China Forum of Public Diplomacy, Beijing, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; Abu Dhabi Strategy Debate, 2014, 2015;


He attended the dialogue-online separately with American National Security Advisors Jeff Bader and Ben Rhodes, Jan. 2011, Beijing. He had a discussion with Richard Armitage on Sino-U.S. ties in 2013, Beijing. He held a meeting with John Kerry on Internet Freedom in Feb. 2014, and a live interview with Israeli President Shimon Peres in Apr. 2014 Beijing. He held a meeting with Qatari Foreign Minister in Jul. 2017 in Beijing.


Besides a large number of essays and articles, Ma had also made several books, such as news memoirs: Survival Diary on the Land of Palestine & Israel (2001), Through the Frontier from Death to Survival (2002), The Life and Death between Tigris and Euphrates (2004); collection of essays: Arabian Upheaval-In-Depth Observation on Turbulent West Asia and North Africa (2011) ,China Needs Zen (2012) , Arab Yellow Paper 2013-2014(2014), Focus on Middle East(2011-2016) and Ma Xiaolin on Middle East(2018).


Over the past years, Ma has worked in or visited over 50 countries, including Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, E.A.E, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Turkey, U.S.A, Australia, Italy, Swiss land, Austria, Chech, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, India and Afghanistan.