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FAN Gaoyue

Retired senior colonel, is now Guest Professor at American Studies Center, Sichuan University and Senior Research Fellow at Grandview Institution. He used to be a research fellow, deputy director, director and chief specialist at the PLA Academy of Military Science (AMS), Program Director at China Strategic Culture Promotion Association in Beijing and a guest professor at Collaborative Innovation Center for Security and Development of Western Frontier China, Sichuan University in Chengdu. His research interests include US military affairs, international security and cooperation, international arms control and disarmament. He studied at Jilin University and the Southwest China Normal University where an MA in British and American English Language and Literature was conferred on him. He was trained at PLA National Defense University for a year, and studied as a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania for a year and as a residence WDS-Handa Fellow at the Pacific Forum CSIS for half a year. He had served as an infantry man, staff officer and English instructor before he came to AMS. He has published dozens of books such as Iraq War: The First War That Is Characterized by Information Age, Joint Operations and Joint Training of the US Armed Forces, The US Special Forces, Studies on American Military Affairs and 280 articles such as A Chinese Perspective on the US Third Offset Strategy and Possible Chinese Responses, Iron Curtain Rises with THAAD in South Korea, and New Thinking to Solve North Korean Nuclear Issue.