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GVI and CASS Jointly Organize "Harvard China Tour - Into CASS" Symposium



January 16, 2024, youth leaders from Harvard University's Kennedy School visited the Chinese Academy of History (CAH) and participated in the "Harvard China Tour - Into CASS" symposium jointly hosted by the Center for the Promotion of Cultural Development of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and GVI. The young students listened to the remarks on the themes such as "Precision Poverty Alleviation", “Children’s Development”, "Global Chinese Studies", "Green Energy", “Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB)” and “Technological Innovation” made by Chinese experts, scholars, government officials, and leaders from international organizations and then shared their opinions with these specialists in the symposium. "Harvard China Tour” team consisted of 29 members from 16 countries and regions.


Mr. Zhao Zhimin, Secretary General of CASS, and Mr. Li Xinyu, Vice President of GVI, delivered speeches for the event. Mr. Zhao said, the US-China relationship, one of the most influential bilateral relationships in the world today, exerts a profound impact on the global landscape and human prospects. He encouraged the Harvard young scholars to gain a deeper understanding of China, to present to the world a real, open, and diversified China, and to abandon the black-and-white way of thinking. Dr. Li Xinyu expressed his hope that Harvard young scholars would deepen their understanding of China through what they have seen and heard. Wang Yongjie, Deputy Director of the Promotion and Communication Division of the International Cooperation Bureau of CASS, said that studying China with only China itself but without the outside world, you are in lack of a global perspective; while studying China with only the outside China but without China, you have neither accuracy nor in-depth.


Wang Zixin, Co-Chairman of the Harvard China Society, said that Harvard scholars attach great importance to this opportunity, and they are determined to know and explore China with an open and realistic attitude, so as to unfold a more three-dimensional and real China to the world.


"The Harvard China Tour” is sponsored by the Harvard China Fund, the Fitzherbert Center for China Studies, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The program has been held for more than 10 years, with 20 to 30 young leaders from all over the world visiting China every year. (Photo by Zhu Gaolei, reporter with CASS network)