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Sino-Indian Relations Dialogue Series: The Russo-Ukraine War: Impacts on Global Geopolitics and Sino-Indian Relations


On April 6th, Grandview Institution (Beijing) held a video conference under the framework of Dialogue Series on China-India relations, with the theme of the Russo-Ukraine War: impacts on global geopolitics and India-China relations.


Dr. Li Mingjiang, Associate Professor and Provost’s Chair in International Relations, RSIS, NTU, Singapore, was the moderator.


The panelists were followed:

Raja Mohan (ISAS, Singapore)

Rong Ying (CIIS, China)

Ashok Kantha (ICS, India)

Zhou Bo (CISS, China)


The panelists discussed about Impact of Russia-Ukraine Crisis on Global Geopolitics and China-India Relations, how China and India respond to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and challenges and opportunities for China and India in the post-Russia-Ukraine crisis era.