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Dutch Ambassador Wim Geerts Visits GVI


On March 18, Kingdom of Netherlands Embassy's Ambassador H.E. Wim Geerts, First Secretary of Political Affairs Mr. Pieter van Sloten, Second Secretary of Economic Affairs Department Timo Verheij, Political Officer of Press and Political Affairs Laura van Megen and interpreter Björn Ooms visited Granview Institution and discussed with Grandview's President Mr. Ren Libo and Co-chair of Decision-making Committee and Director of Center for Russia and Central Asian Studies Mr. Liu Wendou on the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian Conflict. 

Both sides made exchanges on the EU-China Relations under the current Ukrainian Crisis. H.E. Geerts illustrated the importance of the upcoming EU-China Summit and of the constructive communication between EU and China. Both EU and China share the same vision as to EU-China Relation's cruciality. During this time of difficulty, both EU and China shall cooperate more closely. 

H.E. Geerts held the view that there would be no winners of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity for China to demonstrate its leadership and EU hopes China can take up more responsibility in this crisis. 

Mr. Ren Libo introduced Grandview Institute's development to H.E. Geerts, who showed the interests in establishing communication menchinism and future cooperation.