The India and Pakistan conflict shrouded in the shadow of the nuclear worries all and avoiding escalation of tension meets the interests of all| Transparency International Germany Branch Visits Grandview Institution
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Transparency International Germany Branch Visits Grandview Institution

On July 22, Mr. Norman Loeckel, the Deputy Director of Political Department of the Transparency International Germany Branch visited Grandview Institution. The two sides had a deep exchange of views on the India-Pakistan conflict.

Mr. Loeckel reviewed the India-Pakistan tension since the car bomb attack in February. Looking at the impact of Indian general election, social media, and populism on Modi administration’s India-Pakistan policy, as well as how Pakistan’s internal dynamics and capabilities gap between India and Pakistan affect Pakistan’s risk-taking behavior, he conducted in-depth analysis and simulation on many uncontrollable factors in the India-Pakistan tension under the nuclear shadow.

On the other hand, Naval Colonel(retired) Tian Shichen, Vice President of Grandview Institution said that peacefully resolving the conflict between India and Pakistan would meet the interests of all parties. China maintains good relations with both countries and hopes that both would be able to reach an early peace agreement and reconciliation for the Kashmiri people.

Mr. Loeckel is also a member of the German-Chinese Exchange Association and works for the German Council on Foreign Relations. The two sides also discussed matters on strengthening exchanges and cooperation between the German and Chinese think tanks, conducting joint research and people-to-people exchange.