A Grandview Institution & Chatham House Dialogue “China-North Africa: Towards a Strategic Partnership”
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Since the 2011 uprisings across North Africa, a broad consensus has emerged that to achieve long-term stability and prosperity in the region, a new transformative economic agenda is essential. An important dimension of this is to explore, foster, and develop novel economic opportunities with international partners and projects, such as China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), while also deepening ties with long-term partners, chief among these, the European Union (EU).

This workshop, convened by the Grandview Institution and Chatham House , will examine the current opportunities and challenges facing North Africa, and specifically the economies of Morocco and Tunisia. It will further assess the countries’ economic relations with the EU and China, exploring the potential for enhanced partnerships and synergies that help to support development and realisation of transformative economic agendas.