Mr. ZHAO Minghao
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Doctor and Young Researcher, Center for American Studies, Fudan University, Institute of International Studies, Fudan University/Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Education. He is also a member of the China Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific (CSCAP), a guest researcher at the Institute of International Strategic Studies of Peking University, and a visiting researcher at the Center for Strategic and Security Studies of Tsinghua University. He has worked in the Foreign Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) for a long time on international issues research and think tank engagement. His research interests include U.S. Asia-Pacific policy, U.S.-China relations, and international security and strategy. His monographs include Strategic Restraint: The Construction of a New Type of Sino-US Relationship (People's Publishing House) and One Belt, One Road: A New Diplomacy of Interconnectedness (Commercial Press), and the translation of Liberal Leviathan: The Origin, Crisis and Transformation of the American World Order (Shanghai People's Publishing House). He is an anonymous reviewer for International Studies, Contemporary Asia-Pacific, Journal of Contemporary China, China Policy Journal, and China International Strategic Review. He has been invited to contribute to the textbook of the course "Situation and Policy" of the Higher Education Publishing House.