Mr. HUANG Jing
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Born in 1956, Bachelor of Arts in English from Sichuan University, Master of History from Fudan University, and Doctor of Political Science from Harvard University.

He is currently a professor, PhD supervisor, academic dean of the National and Regional Academy of Beijing Language and Culture University, and an internationally renowned strategic scholar. Former Chair Professor of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Director of the Asian and Globalization Institute (2008-2018), and Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution (2004-2008). He has taught at Harvard University (1993-94), Utah State University (Lifelong Professor 1994-2004), and Stanford University (2002-2003). Published 8 English monographs on Chinese politics, Taiwan Strait, South China Sea, Asian environmental policy, Russian Far East development, etc. Its monograph "Sectarianism in CCP Politics" was published and published by Cambridge University Press, the top humanities discipline in the world in 2000. And won the famous Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize.